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Course Layout

Local Rules

1. Out of Bounds

is defined by any perimeter fence, wall or any line marked by white stakes, blazes or lines.

2. Ground Damaged
by greenkeeping equipment together with bare ground, areas where shell has been placed and greenkeepers workings in any area to be treated as Ground Under Repair.

3. Embedded Ball
Rule 25-2 is extended to include a ball embedded anywhere on the course except in a hazard.

4. Protective Screens
If a screen interferes with the line of play, the ball may be dropped without penalty, at the nearest point where such interference is avoided, in accordance with the conditions of rule 24-2.

5. Lateral Water Hazards
are defined by red stakes or red markings. The internal drain is deemed to be a Lateral Water Hazard. The side boards define and form part of the hazard.

6. Compulsory Playover Holes
3 & 5

No sharing of clubs. Max 4 players per group

Hole 1 par 4

Beware of the Out of bounds up the right hand side, from the top of the rise leaves an easy approach to the green

Hole 2 par 4

Dog leg right demands a well thought out and well judged approach to a narrow and elevated green

Hole 3 par 3

Mid to short iron for most from an elevated tee to a large green watch out for a three putt here

Hole 4 par 5

Good short par five if played well will give up eagles birdies and pars

Hole 5 par 3

Short drop shot to a small green not as easy as it looks especially into the wind.

Hole 6 par 4

Nice par 4 with creek down the right hand side, stay left until you are ready to shoot for the green

Hole 7 par 4

Big hitters can fly the drain, shorter hitters should lay up for an easy approach from 100metres

Hole 8 par 4

Straght away par 4 that requires a good drive up the centre between the drains into the fairway, and good distance control on the approach to the green

Hole 9 par 5

Renner's revenge, gives up nothing. Try to fly the strategically placed drain about 160m from the men's tee, and stay away from the creek all the way from the tee to the green; this hole destroys a lot of golfers dreams.

Just roll up,
pay and play